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Manure Exchange Program

The Nevada County Resource Conservation District (NCRCD) has organized an exchange service that can benefit livestock owners and gardeners. The Manure Exchange Program helps connect farmers, gardeners, and landowners searching for sources of local manure/compost with livestock owners and managers who have excess fresh and/or composted manure.

This program is a resource for the community seeking a nearby source for fresh fertilizer and is a great way to recycle local natural resources!

Want to Participate?

If you are looking for manure, click on the “List of Manure Providers” button to view the list. You can either call or email the providers listed to schedule a pick-up. 

If you are interested in being listed on the Manure Exchange Program list, click on the “Become a Manure Provider” button, fill-in the requested information, then click “Submit”. You will receive a verification e-mail within 48 hours and your name will be added to our list of local manure providers.

Note: The individuals on the Manure Providers List may or may not be commercial composters. Their manure/compost is not certified to be “weed free” or “certified organic”. No guarantees apply. Providers are not responsible to pay your hauling costs or any costs associated with vehicle/dump-truck rentals, etc. This is a goodwill/community network project so please be considerate of those participating in this service.

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