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Conservation: The careful utilization of a natural resource in order to prevent depletion.

The Nevada County Resource Conservation District (NCRCD) was founded on November 13, 1943 with a mission to promote responsible natural resource management.  The NCRCD is a state mandated Special District that is neither a regulatory authority nor a county entity.  NCRCD is a “political subdivision” of the State of California (under California Public Resources Code, Division Nine, Section 9003), not funded by the state, and required to pay state sales tax.  NCRCD is a not-for-profit, federally tax-exempt organization under Section 170(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Service code and can accept donations as tax-free contributions.  NCRCD receives a small percentage of revenue from property taxes of Nevada County residents.  NCRCD is governed by a board of 5 local landowners who provide input for local resource management and are appointed by the Nevada County Board of Supervisors.

The NCRCD is housed with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS).  NCRCD partners with the NRCS to assist landowners and land managers in improving and conserving their land.  The NCRCD and the NRCS provide technical assistance regarding issues that include erosion control, pond management, invasive weed control, fuels management, wildlife habitat improvement, pasture, orchard and vineyard management, and rangeland management.

May contain: chart, plot, map, land, nature, outdoors, plant, rainforest, tree, vegetation, atlas, and diagram
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