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Prescribed Fire

What is Prescribed Fire or Controlled Burning?

Prescribed fire or controlled burning is a tool used for good land stewardship. For more than 150 years, fires have been supressed. Forests have grown dense, and the fuel has built up. As a result, wildfires are more intense and often damaging. 

Low-intensity controlled burns can be used to improve defensible space, clean up forest debris and restore forest and soil health.

Why Burn?

  • Lower fire hazard and make communities safer
  • Enhance forest health and resilience
  • Increase wildlife habitat
  • Improved forage
  • Restore and enhance native wildflowers
  • Control pests (like ticks) and invasive grasses and weeds


Resources for great basic information on prescribed burning in California:

California Prescribed Burn Association 


On-line connection for farmers, gardners, and landowners with local livestock owners and managers.

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