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Pond Rake

man raking

Tired of looking at that ugly, messy, smelly pond? Well, we have a solution! The pond rake is a cost effective, efficient, and environmentally-friendly aquatic weed removal tool. It can pull lily pads, milfoil, and hydrilla with ease. By physically removing algae and weeds, nutrient levels may be reduced, algae and weeds are not left to decompose (thereby eliminating the ugly/smelly issues), and your local wildlife should thrive.

It’s light enough to toss 30 feet or more to clear weeds and algae from the top, yet heavy enough to sink to remove roots and organic matter at the bottom of your pond. The pond rake can clear a path up to 3 feet wide with each throw and is designed to be tossed into the water with a simple underhand-motion and retrieved via 40 feet of nylon rope.

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