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Nesting Structures - Plans & Designs

birdhouse in tree

There are different bird house dimensions for different species. To attract the species you desire you will need to construct your bird house with specific sizes for the box itself, entrance holes and the species desired height placement above ground. Using the correct bird house dimensions will also help to exclude undesirable species, i.e. house sparrows and starlings.

Here are some plans for common birds, see the corresponding photo below.

  • American_Kestrel_Screech_Owl_Northern_Saw-whet_Owl-1pdf”
  • American_Robin_shelf.pdf
  • Barn_Owl_box.pdf
  • Bat_box.pdf
  • Butterfly_House.pdf
  • Canada_Goose_platform.pdf
  • Gray_Squirrel_box.pdf
  • Great_Blue_Heron_platform.pdf
  • House_Wren_Black-capped_Chickadee_Whitebreasted_Nuthatch_box_and_tube.pdf
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