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Audited Financial Statements & Summary Pension Data

The Nevada County Resource Conservation District is required to comply with California Public Resources Code Section 9528 and Government Code Section 26909.  We are audited annually by an independent CPA firm as required by State law.  Our audited financial statements and summary pension data are listed below.

In compliance with SB 929, the District’s Board and Staff Compensation Reports from the State Controller’s office can be found here.  Our Financial Transaction Reports can be found here.
SB 272 requires all local agencies to publish a catalog of enterprise systems.  These are systems that are used across multiple departments or that contain information collected about the public and are systems that serve as original source of data within an agency.

The Nevada County Resource Conservation District has no enterprise systems to catalog.


Summary Pension Data for 20212022 Nevada County RCD - Audited Financial Statements
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