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frog in water

The animals here are listed alphabetically by common name.

A few things to keep in mind when viewing the images below: 

  1. Males and females of the same species don’t always look the same;
  2. adults and juveniles of the same species don’t always look the same; and
  3. some species look the same and can only be differentiated from one another by dental or DNA analysis.

The names listed under the image* of the animal are, to the best of my knowledge, current and correct.  Some of the common names, as well as the scientific names, may differ from what is listed on the Range Maps and Life History Account sheets.  Names change as taxonomy continues to shift in all fields of biology!

 *All of the images below were downloaded from the Internet.  They were either listed for non-commercial use or are used with the permission of the photographer. The NCRCD would like to gratefully acknowledge the following photographers: Connor LongBen LowGary Nafis, and Jackson D. SheddThank you so much gentlemen!

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