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Bird Walk for Beginners - Grass Valley

September 17, 8:00 - 10:00am

Sierra Foothills Audubon

Leader Dan Stewart (530) 265-4677 or

This walk is designed for beginners, but more skilled birders are helpful and welcome. We'll talk about binoculars, how and where to find birds, what to look for when you find one. We meet in the parkinglot of Briar Patch Market on Sierra College Drive in Grass Valley, 8am. This is a two hour event. We walk for a little less than two mils and it usually takes abut two hours. Fifteen to twenty different species are almost guaranteed, especially with enough sharp eyes and ears. it's a nice walk up over the hill at Sierra College and back to the Briar Patch. Come and help us find and indentify some birds. Be aware of the weather and dress appropriately. A little ligh drizzle won't cause a cancellation., but a real rain storm will. Please contact Dan if the weather is questionable.


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