SFAS - 3rd Annual Hummingbird Extravaganza

SFAS - 3rd Annual Hummingbird Extravaganza

Apr 01st 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm


3rd Annual Hummingbird Extravaganza

Sunday, April 1, 2017


Leader: Kate Brennan (530) 268-1682

Do you love hummingbirds?  Join us for an evening with an astonishing number of hummers at a well-established migratory rest and refueling stop.  We will be driving out Perimeter Rd. to a private residence to view hundreds of Anna’s and Black-chinned, dozens of Rufous, and the occasional Calliope.  The thunderous drone of several hundred wings and the vibrant flashing of red, orange, green, and violet will be well worth the drive.  The best viewing will be just before sunset.  We will be leaving at 4:30 pm from the Park and Ride lot behind the Cornerstone Church at the corner of Hwy 49 and Wolf Rd.  Call Kate to make reservations; parking is limited.  Bring lawn chair, finger food to share or your own picnic, wine, etc.; some finger food and non-alcoholic beverages will be available.